What is gloryhole? Explanation & definition with examples

What is glory hole?

What is glory hole? This is not a rare question – to be honest with you – it is pretty common. At first, if you don’t know if it is “gloryhole” or “glory hole” then it is absolutely ok because the entire Internet isn’t uniform in this.

Not many people know what can this term be in the porn industry. The glory hole or gloryhole has gained major popularity in recent years. But many people still even don’t know what it is – they have heard about it but they have no idea where or how to use this term correctly. If it is you – here is the visual explanation for you (one image for thousands of words):

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So the gloryhole is …

We have heard many definitions and multiple articles trying to explain this term to its readers. It is really simple.

A gloryhole is a hole in a partition (it can be a wall, table, wardrobe, or even toilet stall) for a man to put his dick into this hole and get sucked, licked, fucked by an unknown amateur/pornstar stranger on the second side.

This started originally as a bathroom scenario it has been extended into many other environments – hospital, bookstores, office cubicles, swingers clubs, toilets, cabins, and many others.

Or you can alternatively read the Wikipedia definition of what a glory hole is.

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Anonymous sex with strangers

The most excitement about this gloryhole is the feeling that participants have no idea who is on the other side of glory hole! The most of scenes show you a petite white girl with tiny wet cunt or ass – and she is pretty horny to be fucked through a glory hole. Most of the girls are surprised when they see a huge cock in that hole. They start to suck his balls and lick stranger’s dick. In many scenes, you can see that there are huge big black cocks and with all that sucking the gets even bigger. That is exactly why all those tiny girls want to try this glory hole – because they want to try interracial sex with strangers – like you are!

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Gloryholes – are they real?

YES, they are! They exist but their locations are mostly secret and people-in-the-know don’t want to share them. All of the videos with gloryholes that you can watch at our website are real and not fake! Sometimes it is hard to find a solid glory hole in your city but in most bigger cities there are some!

I want to try gloryhole! Where can I find a ghole?

You can find gloryhole¬†here. But sadly, we can’t tell you where to start the search. This is now your job to reach people with similar thinking in your are and neighborhoods and try to get this information. Then keep it secret again – it is the community secret! In the meantime you can start to watch all of our gloryhole porn videos and start to imagine how it could be enjoy – this can motivate you to find a proper place in your own town. We wish you good luck!